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CISOs: Ensure your department's success with our skilled trainers. For up to 40 people (3-day course)


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Gwen Bettwy


3 Days


$ 19,200

About the course

I understand the challenges you face in ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity within your organization. To assist you in strengthening your team's capabilities, I am excited to introduce our comprehensive Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) online training course.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your security department and drive impactful security strategies within your organization.

Bulk discounts available. Elevate your department's expertise today.

CCSP: $19,200 for up to 40 people (3-day course)

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Gwen Bettwy

Author Gwen Bettwy is known for teaching information security worldwide. When the pandemic halted worldwide travel Gwen went from teaching with (ISC)2, Training Camp, and Firebrand to training here online. More than 7,000 students since 2003 have benefited from how Gwen breaks down complicated topics to understandable pieces.Put Gwen’s experience in your toolbox.